When will the piers open?

There is currently no timeline for when the piers will open.


Is access to the beach affected by the closure of the piers?

No, access to the beach is not affected by the closure of the piers.


Why was the additional fencing installed?

Temporary fencing was installed on the east and west piers for public safety due to high water levels.


Can the public fish off the piers?

Yes, the public can fish on the open areas of the piers. Fishing is subject to having the appropriate licence from the Ministry of Natural Resources.


Can I still book the Carousel or Lakeside Park for events?

Yes, both are still available for rent. Call 905.688.5600 for more information


Can I still use the harbour parking lot?

Yes, the majority of the Port Dalhousie Harbour parking lot is still available for vehicle parking.


Can boaters moor at the piers?

No, due to safety concerns vessels are not able to moor at the piers.


Is it safe to boat near the piers?

Yes, vessels can continue to safely navigate the waters surrounding the piers.


What caused the structural damage to the piers?

The Port Dalhousie piers were built in the 1870s and significant repairs were last performed in 1995. Though the DFO has continuously monitored, investigated and maintained the site, the passage of time and exposure to air, water and ice from changing lake levels and wave action have resulted in a deterioration of the supporting structure.


What happened with the repairs to the fueling station?

Work was completed in spring 2017.


Who owns and manages the piers?

The piers are owned by The Department of Fisheries and Oceans. The City of St. Catharines leases the piers from the DFO.